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OPENSHRED.COM is all about spreading knowledge and awareness regarding healthy living and stay fit.

But the problem is the majority of the people even don’t know which food is healthy, what to consume what not, how much to consume and why we should consume those foods. There are so many myths regarding fitness and on top of that these food companies are making us fool to sell their products.

On the other hand, people think that healthy living is only about consuming healthy foods, but the fact is you need to do any kind of exercises for better organ functioning, making your physique stronger and look better than yesterday.

So, the definition of healthy living should be following a healthy lifestyle. And it is very simple to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

In this website you can get more knowledge about living healthy, information about foods and their benefits, workout plan and how to do that properly, etc.

About the Author

Helloooo there, yhis is Akash. I am a fitness addicted person who want to keep learning about health, fitness and nutrition as well. I always keep my knowledge updated with recent studies and try to apply them in my own.

I also like to transform people with my knowledge and experiences. I strictly do not promote drugs. I believe in natural transformation. I have trained many people locally but now I am here to share my knowledge with you and would like to guide you in your transformation journey.

If you want me to train you in your transformation,

please contact:

It will be a free training completely. I am going to share with you free customized diet plan and workout plan for your body type.

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