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Best Way To Lose Weight Fast- Step By Step Guide

Best way to lose weight is changing your lifestyle. How to change lifestyle to lose weight?


You just need to eliminate something and add something in your life. There are so many ways to lose weight but the ultimate concept of losing weight is to burn more calories than you need.


A positive attitude is very important for successful weight loss and weight management. To lose weight permanently, you must make a commitment to gradually adopt a healthier way of living.


To lose weight you need to go in a caloric deficit. You can do that in two ways.


#1 Eating fewer calories.

#2 Burn up more calories than you need.


Many people hate workouts so, they choose the first option and they eat fewer calories.

But, this is not a healthy way of losing weight and you cannot sustain this lifestyle for the whole life. I am telling you the reason,


When you eat less initially your body starts burning fat. But gradually your body starts to slow down your metabolism to maintain your weight on that amount of calorie you are eating.


To slow down the metabolism your body starts to lose muscle and starts to store fat. And this is the worst thing ever. Because your body will realize that you are eating less so it needs that fat to be stored to survive later.


In this stage, you will stop losing weight. Many people do a big mistake at this point. They start to decrease their calorie intake more to lose weight and their metabolism slows down more.


So, this is not a healthy approach to lose weight. You probably cannot sustain this for a long time.

So, everyone who comes to me to lose weight permanently, I suggest them to change their lifestyle in a healthy way.

Okay now let’s see the Best way to lose weight. Now take a look at how do you change your lifestyle!

Find Out Your BMR


If you want to lose weight, then your first step will be finding out your maintenance calorie (BMR).

Maintenance calorie is the number of calories which you need every day to maintain your current body weight.

There are several ways to find out your body weight, but you can find it out on the internet.


To lose weight you need to eat less to lose weight. But don’t drop your calories drastically otherwise you may lose lots of muscle.

Now it’s time to set up your macros and create a diet plan.


Macro Set up


What are macronutrients?

In our daily life, there are three essential nutrients which are called macronutrients.

These are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


You need to control the portion of carbs, protein, and fat to lose weight.


The portion of macronutrients varies individual to individuals. It depends on your body composition, your activity level, your body fat percentage, etc.


On average you need to take 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat of your calorie limit to lose weight.

What To Eliminate From Your Lifestyle


Changing lifestyle is the best way to lose weight permanently. So, to maintain the perfect lifestyle you need to eliminate some kind of foods which is your enemy in your weight loss journey.


Cut back on artificial sweeteners


In our daily lifestyle, we all use artificial sweeteners for the test or eat it through sweet products in the market. But this is one of the biggest reasons for obesity.


Avoid refined carbohydrates


Glycemic index (GI) of refined carbohydrates are very high. That means it elevates your blood sugar level.

Which causes insulin spiking and cravings for refined carbs etc. So, you should avoid refined carbs as much as possible.


Eliminate unhealthy fats


Unhealthy fats like butter, trans fats, etc. should be eliminated from your lifestyle. Consuming these types of fats much will lead to cardiovascular disease, increases heart attacks.


Use cholesterol-free oils in cooking. And include healthy fat in your diet.


What To Include In Your Lifestyle


In order, to lose weight and maintain it you must have to include something in your daily lifestyle.


Doing exercise is the best way to lose weight 


The most important tool to lose and maintain weight is exercise. By doing exercise not only you are going to lose fat you will feel very energetic and increase strength. focus on doing compound exercises like deadlift, bench press, squat, pull-ups, etc.


Add a workout session of at least 30 mins. Do anything you want. Just make sure your heart rate should increase. I highly suggest adding a high-intensity resistance training in your workout routine with HIIT cardio.


Don’t do too much cardio. You may do walking, jogging, swimming, play any kind of sports or anything you enjoy doing.

Increase your daily activity


Increase daily activity means you need to do some physical work in your working schedule. It will help you to burn extra calories throughout the day and increase your caloric deficit.


Like if you use the elevator then stop it, use stairs. If your floor is on the top, then use stair for two to three floors, then use the lift.


Add complex carbs in your diet


Use complex carbs as the source of carbohydrate. Eat whole grains which are the best source of complex carbs.

Complex carbs contain fiber and micronutrients as well. Glycemic index of complex carbs is very low. Which mean it doesn’t elevate your blood sugar level.


Introduce fiber in your diet


Fiber controls the insulin spike and makes your digestion slower. Which can make you eat less.

whole grain and vegetables are the best sources of fiber. There are a lot of foods rich foods available.

Vegetables, whole wheat, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat bread etc these are good sources of fiber.


Good sleep is important to lose weight


Sleep is the most neglected and important thing if you want to lose weight. You need rest to lose fat.

If you don’t have enough rest, then your cortisol level will rise which is indirect causes fat store. So, you need to rest properly.




Losing weight is much easier than maintaining weight. Many people losses their weights but they can’t maintain it and get fatter again. So, the key is “change your lifestyle”.


A positive attitude is important for successful weight loss and weight management. Make a commitment to adopt a healthier lifestyle to lose weight permanently.


To lose weight naturally takes some time. You must keep patience and stick in a healthy lifestyle year-round.


Follow a healthy diet, do some workouts and increase your daily activity. Don’t go for a short-term weight loss program because you can’t follow them for a long period of time.


Make a diet which you enjoy. Eat junk foods, artificial sweeteners, refined carbs once or twice a month because we all have a social life.


These tips are for regular people who go to the gym just to lose weight or general fitness purposes. Those who are athletes or want to be; need more discipline in their lifestyle.

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